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TMC secure even higher radiology quality with now 4 implemented AI solutions

Delivering quality healthcare in the 21st century requires state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions to ensure patients get access to the best treatment possible. TMC is proud of having implemented 4 AI solutions within the last year that augment the skill and experience of our radiologists and help to detect hard-to-find pathologies and thereby making the diagnoses even more reliable.

In the TMC Emergency section, Aidoc’s radiology AI solution sifts through CT images, automatically identifying potential critical findings, such as acute intracranial haemorrhages or acute/incidental pulmonary emboli. The solution has shown high accuracy and ease of use which leads to more accurate reports, increased reader confidence and potentially fewer missed pathologies. This is especially valuable as it can help to point to very subtle and critical findings that could be overlooked. Once the case has been processed by AI, the cases with findings are flagged in the reporting platform (Optemis) and the status of the exam is raised so that the case will be picked up sooner.

The industry-leading artificial intelligence from Aidence is supporting the TMC lung cancer screening service. Around three-quarters of lung cancer cases are diagnosed at a late stage in the UK and 10-year survival is poor (10%), but 79% is preventable (according to The  AI tool from Aidence, Veye Lung Nodules, helps identify any suspected lung nodules (even nodules as small as 3mm). This AI solution facilitates early lung cancer detection and can thus help save patients’ lives.  Approximately 10,000 cases will be analysed by Aidence’s AI solution this year. It can be expected that about 10% of the patients will have a positive finding. (According to Gareth Davies, TMC UK Medical Director).

Aidence is marking a lung nodule in the images on the right (CT Thorax)


Aidoc highlightings a subdural haematoma (red color).