TMC’s Hakan Jonsson plants flag on South Pole after epic adventure

Hakan Jonsson has ice in his veins: there can be no doubt of…
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Interactive Radiology Sessions go “bi-weekly” for radiology departments and individuals

We’re delighted at the continued success of TMC Academy’s…

Radiology lives: generalist or specialist? Why not both?

It is hard to ignore radiology’s ongoing debate about the merits…

Clinical practice: should you get a foreigner to say it for you?

Being able to break things gently to a patient is one of the…

Radiology lives: could untranslatable words affect how we think?

Eskimos are (controversially) said to have hundreds of words…

Reporting quality: don't pick up that phone

People who phone radiologists asking for a request to be vetted…

TMC’s new frontier: digital telepathology hits 50,000 digital cases since launch

TMC has now reported more than 50,000 digital cases since the…

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CDxN – Collaborative Diagnostic Networks

Collaborative Diagnostic Networks (CDxN) is a tailor-made concept to develop efficient and seamlessly working radiology networks. It incorporates professional consulting, managed services and TMC’s proprietary technology platform OPTEMIS RIS.

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