Industry news: teleradiology by the numbers

If accuracy and efficiency are two of the most important requirements…
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Radiology lives: the ultimate spineless patient

A computer tomography (CT) team at the Technical University of…

It's official: fatigue affects results in teleradiology

We all know the challenges of our profession. We hold people’s…

27% improvement in radiology reporting efficiency: sound good?

At the end of last year, we reported on a trial of TMC’s Collaborative…

TMC audit confirms: quality is job one

At TMC, quality is job one. That’s why we took the decision…

TMC and Unilabs: building an exciting future together

As we recently announced, TMC has a new owner. Unilabs Pathologie…

Personal development: 150 books to make you a better person

It is fair to say that one of the defining characteristics of…

TMC’s Hakan Jonsson plants flag on South Pole after epic adventure

Hakan Jonsson has ice in his veins: there can be no doubt of…

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CDxN – Collaborative Diagnostic Networks

Collaborative Diagnostic Networks (CDxN) is a tailor-made concept to develop efficient and seamlessly working radiology networks. It incorporates professional consulting, managed services and TMC’s proprietary technology platform OPTEMIS RIS.

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