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Subspecialist Radiology
Since 2003

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Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) is one of the leading teleradiology providers in Europe.

Founded in 2002, the vision was to make it possible for all patients to get access to high quality subspecialist radiology services regardless of location or specific country radiology shortages.


Over the last 20 years, TMC has been the pioneer in developing innovative diagnostic services. We were one of the first providers of subspecialist elective teleradiology and the first to provide overnight emergency reporting from Australia, with the time difference making it possible to take care of European on call night shifts during daytime.

Today, we support more than 150 clients in the UK, Sweden, and Denmark on a daily basis with teleradiology reporting services, using a collaborative subspecialist network of more than 350 TMC radiologists. Our subspecialists are working in their specific areas of expertise and competence creating a collaborative subspecialist network underpinned by our own technology platform Optemis and a whole range of already implemented AI solutions.

With increased investments in TMC’s medical organisation, internal software development and Artificial Intelligence, our ambition is to continue to lead the development of teleradiology services to ensure we can help our clients to meet the current and future demands and challenges in the best possible way.

TMC’s goal is to make the company as human and as creative, inventive, caring and purpose driven as the wonderful people who work inside it.

In 2017, TMC became part of the Unilabs Group (



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TMC Unilabs Academy is a radiology training department of Telemedicine Clinic (TMC). With over 350 experienced sub-specialist radiologists, TMC’s collective knowledge base is massive.

The Academy offers CME-accredited online live courses, short-term fellowships, on-demand reporting modules, and radiology masterclasses.



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Learn about the TMC history and future. Here you can find information about milestones we have reached on the way of becoming who we are today. Everything from who founded TMC to what makes us stand out today.