TMC has a new Head of Academy: introducing Ricard Robledo

Meet our new Head of Academy, Ricard Robledo, who joins us at an exciting time for TMC – and for the Academy programme in particular. Our courses are proving to be a popular way for busy radiologists to gain experience, expertise and qualifications that fits with their demanding lives. Our e-learning platforms are offering more […]

Steering a path towards integrated diagnostics

Imagine trying to describe a flower by looking at a black and white photo. You can probably make a good guess of the structure, but without adding colour into the picture you could miss vital information about the subject you are studying. In medicine, something akin to this is driving calls for more integrated diagnostics. […]

TMC’s carbon offset project “takes root” at Finca Dalmau

Business can no longer stand apart from society and increasingly, the best businesses recognise that we all have a role to play in influencing behaviour and behaving responsibly. For us all to thrive in a connected world, we need to be aware of the consequences of our actions and work to minimise our impact on […]

Could teleradiology give structured reporting a boost?

The case for structured reporting, where radiologists submit findings according to a standardised template, continues to grow stronger. In January’s American Journal of Roentgenology, for example, a study on MRI reporting concluded that “all neurologists could understand lesion load significantly more often when reading structured versus non-structured reports.” The finding adds to a growing body […]

Radiology speech recognition gets brainier

Speech recognition, which has long been seen as a valuable aid to radiology, is getting smarter. Recent months have seen increasing moves to couple speech recognition with artificial intelligence (AI) so machines don’t just hear what you are saying, but understand you, too. Nuance, the speech recognition market leader whose Speechmagic software is bundled with […]

Opinion: heeding the RCR’s capacity calls

By Dr. George McInnes, Consultant Radiologist at Poole Hospital As we all know, capacity challenges seem to be an ongoing feature of the European radiology scene. Far from nearing a resolution, though, in some markets the situation appears to be getting worse. Perhaps nowhere is this more the case than in the National Health Service (NHS) […]