Trees and Values day 2019

The ability to reverse the environmental problems of planet Earth is within our grasp.  It is time to stop despairing and finger-pointing and start acting in a conscious and more caring way toward our shared planet. TMC recognises that every year the flights we book for our radioloigsts to report from the other side of […]

Could AI hit a stumbling block with data?

Speakers at a recent Radiological Society of North America course in Paris, France, highlighted a potential challenge for artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. A common message among experts speaking at the ‘Practical Applications in Artificial Intelligence’ course was that the quality of data could be an issue for systems looking to learn from human examples. […]

Alarm bells ring louder over UK radiology capacity crisis

The UK media has published increasingly worrying details of the country’s radiology capacity crisis as the nation continues on its uncertain path towards Brexit. Research released on the International Day of Radiology revealed certain shortages of imaging equipment and qualified radiologists had left an estimated 56,000 angina patients without access to potentially life threatening computer […]

How your radiology job will change with AI

Is a robot about to get your job? Probably not, according to Thomas Davenport and Keith Dreyer, writing in the Harvard Business Review. Davenport, a professor of management and IT, and Dreyer, vice chairman of radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, don’t deny that AI could change the profession. “Radiological practice would certainly benefit from systems […]

The hidden benefit of remote on-call services

Delivering on-call services via remote teams has clear benefits in terms of helping resource-stretched healthcare providers to deal with workloads. However, recent research shows there may be a further, largely hidden benefit. In April, the American Journal of Roentgenology published a review of studies on the impact of fatigue on radiologists. Its conclusion was simple: […]

What would it take to get med students interested in radiology?

It’s no secret that healthcare services across Europe face a significant capacity gap that in the long term can only be solved by encouraging more people into the profession. The quest for extra practitioners is throwing up ploys as diverse as looking for candidates in India or trying new ways of learning in Sweden. Now […]