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Our proprietary Radiology
Reporting Management System

To be able to provide a high-quality true sub specialist reporting service, TMC decided to develop a proprietary technology platform with unique tools supporting key processes such as planning, case assignment, peer review, audits and structured reporting. Optemis is continuously under development where our medical and operations teams work closely with the TMC in-house software development team to specify new features and other improvements.

Doctor profile

In Optemis, each TMC radiologist gets a very detailed competence profile. Incoming exams are matched with these profiles and the radiologists schedules. This secures high quality and short turn around time. A body radiologist with a special interest for HRCT for example can act as a first reader, second reader and single reader (will still be subject to 5% randomised prospective peer review). The radiologist does not report MRI.


Auto-Assignment & Workload Balancing

Automatic case assignment works around the clock, finding the most suitable doctor to report any given case, and balances the workload evenly across the network of doctors.

Auto-assignment follows a ruleset to allocate reporting tasks, considering the doctor’s medical competences, availability, workload, case TAT & priority

Quality & Peer Review

Optemis has built in support functions for the peer review process including feedback loops between the two readers. Each disagreement is categorised and stored for later analysis and review


Structured Reporting

More and more we are moving to structured reporting templates. The example below is a structured reporting template for dementia on an MRI Brain scan. We believe structured reporting increases quality and results in a uniform report format, making it easier for referring clinicians to read and interpret. Reporting in this way also generates standardised data sets which can be used for quality and education. Our Optemis RIS underpins this dynamic structured reporting approach.



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