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24/7/365 access to reports.

A flexible service with turnaround times to help manage patient flows that match the needs of a modern NHS radiology department.


Specialist Oncology reporting comprising of sub specialist expert radiologists groups who together deliver quality assured reporting to support the NHS in improving patient outcomes.

Day-time Acute Neuro Reporting

Neuro radiologist led service to report acute neuro MRI/CT conditions in the day time to support clients.


TMC Lung Screening

Working with the NHS Cancer Alliances to deliver targeted lung health check  low dose CT scans reports.

Inpatient Reporting

Assisting the NHS to manage inpatient flow during the day and evening time.

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International: +34 93 550 0750
UK: 0845 020 5250
Sweden: +46 8 55 92 6487
Denmark: +45 22 94 87 57
Germany: +49 6042 59 90 001

Andre services