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Telemedicine Clinic, or TMC, provides diagnostic services to healthcare professionals in Europe and around the world. In fact, we are Europe’s leading provider of teleradiology services. 

Our mission is to be at the heart and start of all effective clinical decisions, which means we support our clients during the entire reporting process, to prevent needless suffering and to ensure we provide quality outcomes of the highest standard for all patients.

To achieve this, we search far and wide for right candidates to join our team who are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives. 

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What are we looking for?

  • Qualified radiologists to report for NHS patients in the UK.
  • You don’t need to live in the UK – in fact, we have radiologists based in countries across the world that form part of our reporting network.
  • You can choose from full or part-time positions.

You will need…  

  • A degree in diagnostic radiology.
  • Have worked for at least two years as a consultant radiologist.
  • Be registered with the UK, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian authorities (or can obtain this registration).
  • Be fluent in English (since this is our working language).
  • Be computer literate.
  • Have a proactive, flexible and organised approach to working.
  • If you choose to work from home, you will need a fast, reliable internet connection.

Dr Indra Pieters,
Part-time Consultant Radiologist

“I feel very lucky to have encountered TMC on my search for a career change. Working at TMC is exactly what I was looking for: full flexibility in my work schedule, work within the privacy of my home office, all whilst continuing to work within my area of expertise and further develop my Radiology career. It is wonderful to work and interact on a daily basis with an international team of truly dedicated and highly skilled, established Radiology experts.” 

Are you ready to apply? 


For the right people, we provide access to the latest diagnostic technology with 24/7 IT support, whether you are working in one of our five specialist global centres or from your own home. 



TMC has established a world-class mentoring programme for our radiologists, which allows them to specialise in their preferred area of practice, with advice and support from experienced clinical management team.



As a TMC radiologist, you have the opportunity to work flexibly and manage your own schedule. You can work part time or full time, from home or at one of our global centres

The possibilities are endless

  • You can choose from permanent employment or a short-term sabbatical, matching your role to your current situation and lifestyle.


  • You can become a “super-specialist”, focusing on a specific type of diagnostic approach, organs or disease states of your interest to further develop your expert knowledge.
  • If you are recently retired, TMC can help you stay connected with the profession, allowing you to keep up your skills and stay in the game.

Specialists in remote reporting

We know the needs of radiologists working in a remote environment. How important it is to keep track of cases, manage reports and create an environment that allows you to focus on getting your work done. That is why we developed OPTEMIS, our very own Radiology Information System to match these exact expectations.  


Our radiologists love using OPTEMIS!

To see how it makes reporting remotely feel just
as smooth as it should,


Revalidation and appraisals support

All Radiologists wanting to report for NHS patients in the UK must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). TMC has a dedicated team that provides advice and guidance to our radiologists on navigating the GMC accreditation and revalidation processes. 


“I work in the musculoskeletal (MSK) section for TMC, usually one week every month. The great advantage of the type of workflow we have at TMC is that it forces you to report efficiently, but your concentration must be total throughout the whole day. I like to report early and then take a three hour lunch break, which starts when I go for a good run. This way I can concentrate without feeling stressed. Lastly, I really like my co-workers, they are bot friendly and ambitious people who have young minds and a lot of other interests as well as work.”


Dr Ole Martin Sponga,
Reporting Radiologist


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International: +34 93 550 0750
UK: 0845 020 5250
Sweden: +46 8 55 92 6487
Denmark: +45 22 94 87 57
Germany: +49 6042 59 90 001