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Working in Sydney as a European radiologist? – Yes, that is possible

TMC gives radiologists with work experience in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK the unique opportunity to work as emergency radiologists in Sydney Australia. Our Australian office has been set-up to provide emergency reporting services to our client hospitals in Europe. Experienced European radiologists report during Australian day-time and thereby allow their European colleagues to rest at night. The service is highly popular among European hospitals and TMC is constantly looking to incorporate talented radiologists, radiographers and operations staff into our team. Watch this video to find out how it to work at TMC in Sydney.

Time of your live

Living and working in Sydney will be a fascinating experience that will enrich your live, progress your career and create long lasting memories. And it does not have to be for a lifetime. Even periods of only 3 months are possible.

Atractive conditions

We offer very pleasing conditions for radiologists relocating to Sydney. Attractive salaries, first class relocation service, paid travel, paid accommodation for the entire stay, school fees for children etc.

Steep learning curve

Working at our Sydney office will expose you to very high volumes and a large variety of cases. This will allow you to build a rich experience and an expert status in emergency radiology in a very short time.

From surfing in the morning to hiking in the rainforest in the afternoon, there’s never a shortage of exciting activities when you are in Noosa. Plus, as a family-oriented individual, I couldn’t ask for a better place to be with my kids. Noosa’s safe and nurturing environment ensures that they have access to top-notch education and fun in the afternoon.

TMC Radiologist

Dr. Kamil Bekalarek

TMC Radiologist

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