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Telemedicine Clinic, or TMC, provides diagnostic services to health care professionals in Europe and around the world. In fact, we are Europe’s leading provider of tele-radiology services.


Enrich your career with a new way of working – from home or from exiting new locations.



Help build an exciting and fast growing business that makes the world a better place.

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For the right people, we provide access to the latest diagnostic technology, along with 24/7 IT support,whether you are working in one of our five specialist global centres or from your own home.


TMC has established a world-class mentoring programme for our radiologists, which allows them to specialise in their preferred area of practice, with advice and support from experienced practitioners.


As a TMC radiologist, you have the opportunity to work flexibly and manage your own schedule. Working parttime or full time, from home or at one of our global centres, the possibilities are endless.


You can choose from permanent employment or a short-term “sabbatical”, matching your job to your current situation and lifestyle.


You can become a “super-specialist”, focusing on a specific type of diagnostic approach, organs or disease types of your interest and develop deep, expert knowledge.


If you are recently retired, TMC can help you stay connected with the profession, allowing you to keep up your skills and stay in the game.

Work from home or wherever you want to live

We would love to have you at our offices in Barcelona or Sydney, but you can practically work wherever your life’s circumstances require you to be. We will provide you with best-in-class hardware and software equipment at your home. All you need is a fast internet connection.



Working in Sydney as a European radiologist? – Yes, that is possible. TMC gives radiologists with work experience in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK the unique opportunity to work as emergency radiologists in Sydney Australia.



Working in Noosa as a European radiologist? – Yes, that is possible. TMC gives radiologists with work experience in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK the unique opportunity to work as emergency radiologists in Sydney Australia.



Working in our headquarters in Barcelona will give you a strategic position internally and an influence on the development of our company. You will be surrounded by the best specialists in your area and you will benefit from the learning opportunities.



New Zealand is a land of unparalleled beauty and endless adventures. From the breathtaking landscapes of Fiordland National Park and the majestic peaks of the Southern Alps to the pristine beaches of the Bay of Islands and the geothermal wonders of Rotorua, New Zealand offers an abundance of natural splendor to explore. 



The unique set up of our business allows you to work remotely from home or any location of your choice. The only thing you need is Internet – we will provide you with all the necessary equipment. You can be close to your children, family or live in the city of your dreams and still work for us. The advantage for you is the flexibility of work – you manage your own schedule. It is also a great opportunity to take a break and enjoy life and work from any place you like and still being connected to the best specialists.

Deputy Head of MSK Section Clinical AI Lead Radiology

Dr. Björn Jobke

Deputy Head of MSK Section Clinical AI Lead Radiology

TMC offered me a space to do what I am good at and grow in my areas of interest. I can focus on the exams, collaborate with colleagues, and support innovation for a better workplace environment.


Specialists in remote reporting

We know the needs of radiologists working in a remote environment. How important it is too keep track of cases, manage reports and create an environment that allows you to focus on getting your work done. That’s why we developed OPTEMIS, our very own Radiology Information System to match these exact expectations.

Our radiologists love using OPTEMIS!

to see how it makes reporting remotely feel just as smooth as it should.

Bring quality health care to all the people



At TMC, it is our purpose to make quality health care accessible to all people. Quality health care cannot be the privilege of a few. We want to contribute to this greater cause, so that, some day, people anywhere on the planet have access to the best equipment and the best doctors. We pursue this mission by applying modern technology and intelligent processes to diagnostic services. For the time being, we focus on highly specialized radiology and pathology diagnostics. In the future we might create other products and services, but they will always contribute to this greater cause. We also work at TMC to provide a return on capital for our shareholders and make a living for ourselves. We must not forget that. The good news is, there is no contradiction between our higher purpose and our financial goals. Profits will come naturally if we pursue our core purpose and consistently deliver high value to our customers and patients. We only say, that for us, making a difference in people’s health is a lot more motivating than simply making a profit.


Our service is absolute top of class in all our markets. We have objective and transparent measurements to prove the medical quality of our work. Lack of time or resources cannot be an excuse to not meet our quality standards.


We never stop inventing useful ways to deliver more value to our clients. We are forerunners and set new standards in our industry. We make small scale experiments to learn what works. We listen carefully to valuable insights from our clients and our own team members.


We trust and care for each other. We are honest and direct, but always respectful, especially when dealing with other cultures. We are non-political and put the company’s interest before our own.


We continuously learn and grow as professionals and persons. Key to our growth is documenting and generously sharing knowledge among colleagues. We are open and grateful for ideas and suggestions from others on how to improve.


We can devote extraordinary energy to our work if required. But we also look out for each other and prevent our colleagues from stretching too far. Our work is fun because it allows us to do what we enjoy and what we are good at.


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International: +34 93 550 0750
UK: 0845 020 5250
Sweden: +46 8 55 92 6487
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