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The Quest for Innovation: Addressing the Latest Trends in Imaging and Radiotherapy

Faithful to its goal to make TMC as human— as creative, inventive, caring, purpose-driven —as the wonderful human beings who work inside it, TMC is sponsoring a British Institute of Radiology cutting edge publication on the latest innovations in imaging and radiotherapy.

The British Institute of Radiology is the international membership organisation for everyone working in imaging, radiation oncology and the underlying sciences. Its vision is aligned with TMC. They support the work of their members and their colleagues to achieve professional excellence, they provide continuing professional development for their multidisciplinary community, they influence and connect with the wider professional sector, and they published research for their authors and readers across the world.

In their last publication, “Global Innovations in imaging and radiotherapy”, radiologists, radiographers, scientists, and other healthcare specialists across the world share their insights on how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed their way of working. They also elaborate on the role teleradiology will play in their countries in the coming years.

CLICK HERE to download the publication.

Innovations in imaging and radiotherapy - a more connected world