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Emergency Reporting from Australia

Study after study has proven that tired medical workers are not as clear thinking and “suffer lapses in judgment and impaired motor skills.”

Don’t compromise your patient’s health and your Trust’s reputation. TMC strongly believe patients requiring emergency after-hours scans, who often have complex, life threatening pathology, should receive the most detailed, accurate report – not the least.

The best, most accurate reports come from fresh, alert radiologists working daylight hours in a collaborative team environment.

This is exactly how the TMC emergency team operates, reporting from our state-of-the-art reporting suite in the heart of the Sydney CBD or Noosa whilst your local radiologists are sound asleep in bed.

TMC provides a genuine additional reporting capacity into the NHS for out-of-hours reporting and ensures mandatory European Working Time Directives are monitored and completely adhered to.




The best, most accurate reports come from fresh, alert radiologists working daylight hours in a collaborative team environment.


Safeguard against large increases in the number of overnight scans

TMC radiologists in Australia are paid full-time salaries – never based on the number of scans reported.

This means there is no personal financial incentive to be accepting cases outside of the hospital’s protocols, resulting in stricter control of case numbers and preventing unnecessary cost and patient irradiation.

TMC offers full referral guideline support for our clients, drawing upon our many years of emergency experience. Before commencing any service with TMC, we will discuss your exact requirements and make recommendations on optimal protocols.

Your individual protocols will be available via our web-based portal for easy reference for referrers and imaging staff.


TMC only use consultant radiologists, never trainee registrars or radiographers

Experience counts! The most comprehensive reports come from experienced, sub-specialist consultant radiologists and TMC only use sub-specialist radiologists in order to get the most comprehensive reports.

TMC has the strictest recruitment standards in the teleradiology market, with only 85% of pre-selected applicants successfully passing the mandatory entrance exam, ensuring an elite sub-specialist radiologist team.

Daytime Emergency Reporting

Hot reporting is available 9 to 5, 7 days per week, TMC’s daytime emergency reporting service helps Trusts unblock beds by providing fast sub-specialist body, neuro and MSK reporting.

Under 2-hour turnaround time for critical cases

4 hours for urgent, 12 hours for routine

9am – 5pm, 7 days a week hot reporting

With 24/7 emergency reporting provided from Australia during the UK night


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International: +34 93 550 0750
UK: 0845 020 5250
Sweden: +46 8 55 92 6487
Denmark: +45 22 94 87 57
Germany: +49 6042 59 90 001