We don’t just say ‘sub-specialist’, we mean it! For us, it all boils down to ‘unparalleled quality’.

TMC’s True Sub-Specialist Reporting means cases are always allocated to the most skilled and experienced radiologist, based not just on body areas and modalities, but also on special interests and ‘super sub-specialties’.

Our True Sub-Specialist Reporting System is made possible thanks to market leading technology, full-time case management team and RIS-RIS integration.

TMC’s medical management consists of three full-time sub-specialist radiologists, each of which manages the radiologists within in their sub-specialist team.

Knowledge sharing and peer-peer review within the teams improves our radiologists and benefits your clients and patients.


Unlike some teleradiology companies, TMC doesn’t just ‘report and run’. We believe a complete service includes easy access and ‘consultation’.

That’s why we we run a dedicated ‘contact desk’ during business hours, where three
sub-specialist consultant radiologists (one from each of the sub-specialist disciplines) take calls from referring physicians and local radiologists to review and discuss cases and reports in ‘real-time’.

TMC can also participate in MDT meetings via live webcam hook-up and can present and discuss cases with local clinicians.

Our goal to be a partner with your department, not just a service.

Carlos Schorlemmer

Head of Section: Neuro

Gareth Davies

UK Medical Director & Head of Body Section

Szabolcs Hetényi

Head of Section: MSK

Neuro Hot Reporting Service

This service gives access to sub specialist neuroradiologists 7 days a week between 9am to 5pm. This is typically for cauda equina/spine cases where local specialty may be unavailable.

  • Sub 2-hour turnaround time for most critical

    4 hours for urgent, 12 hours for routine

  • 9am- 5pm, 7 days a week

    Past 5pm on call takes over to ensure 24h coverage


TMC is the only teleradiology company to employ independent external auditors, ensuring the greatest quality assurance on the market.

Our KPI is to have two external audits for each section every year, in addition to our prospective and retrospective peer-review audits.


The RCR has stated “All new RIS/PACS reporting systems installed after 2015 should include an integrated QA module” and departments should aim for systematic (peer-peer) feedback by 2018.

Because of unbelievable capabilities of our radiology platform Optemis™, TMC undertakes prospective peer-review (second-reads before the final report allocation) of 5% of cases across the whole organisation.

Most companies and departments are only able to undertake retrospective peer-review (review after the finalised report).

We currently prospectively audit 30,000 cases per year, which is made easy by our bespoke software Optemis™.

TMC Optemis™ gives two-way feedback between the first and second readers, allowing a culture of on-going feedback, learning from mistakes and continuing radiologist education. TMC’s system based solutions has been developed over the past 15 years and is a recognised world quality leader for peer-peer feedback.

With the help of our radiology platform Optemis we make sure that we fully live up to the standards of the RCR documents Lifelong learning and building teams using peer feedback and Standards for radiology events and learning meetings.


Experience counts! Don’t trust your patients’ lives to companies who use less qualified reporters for their own commercial interests.

The most comprehensive reports come from experienced, sub-specialist consultant radiologists and TMC only use sub-specialist radiologists in order to get the most comprehensive reports.

TMC has the strictest recruiting policies in the market, with over 15% failing our mandatory TMC Entrance Test.

This ensures only the ‘cream of the crop’ sub-specialist radiologists are allowed to put their name on the bottom of TMC reports.

COVID-19 Reporting Service

Led by Dr Gareth Davies, TMC UK Medical Director, TMC have established a dedicated focus group of European wide reporters. Using British Society of Thoracic Imaging protocols, TMC have standard reporting templates set up in its RIS for both CR and CT.

  • Sub 2-hour turnaround during the daytime

    9am to 5pm

  • Sub 1-hour turnaround during on call hours

    5pm to 9am

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

COVID-19 Reporting Team

Gareth Davies

UK Medical Director & Head of Body Section

Charlotta Erenmalm

Deputy Head of Body Section

Uros Kastelic

Consultant Radiologist

Marielle Kiujper

UK Deputy Head of Emergency Section

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