What would it take to get med students interested in radiology?

It’s no secret that healthcare services across Europe face a significant capacity gap that in the long term can only be solved by encouraging more people into the profession.

The quest for extra practitioners is throwing up ploys as diverse as looking for candidates in India or trying new ways of learning in Sweden. Now a team from Ann Arbor in Michigan has added new insights into another potential source of recruits.

Writing in Academic Radiology, the researchers say that exposing first-year medical students to radiology can greatly improve perceptions of the profession.

“Students showed significantly increased academic interest in radiology and a heightened perception of the effect of radiology on patient care,” they say.

The catch is that while early exposure gave students a greater appreciation of the profession, it did not seem to make them more interested in pursuing a career in radiology.

The findings highlight the difficulties in plugging radiology’s growing skills gap and underscore the need to provide training opportunities at every possible stage of medical training.


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