UKAS audit confirms: quality remains job one at TMC

Last year, we reported on the great news that TMC had been accredited by the UK’s accreditation body (UKAS) for the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS).

These audits set the professional standard and are conducted and reviewed annually. Earlier this year, we hosted the ISAS 2018 audit on-site in our UK office where our quality was independently reviewed by three independent UKAS auditors. The results were very positive and UKAS have now confirmed that not only have we maintained our original accreditation, but we’ve also successfully transitioned to the new standard version – a great step forward.

 The UKAS audit report confirmed that: “It’s clear from our review that TMC’s strong focus on quality and its existing (and well-embedded) quality management system means that it is well prepared for any eventuality.”

 And Ida Anderman, TMC’s Quality Officer added: “We’re delighted to have received such positive feedback from UKAS alongside their practical and positive suggestions for improvement. While the UKAS experts were here, we were able to share with them detailed insight into a variety of topics including our coaching system, general HR policies, risk registers, reporting processes, peer feedback, incident management, training and health and safety. They were particularly impressed with our Optemis system and all the new functionality that has been added since the last audit.”

 “A huge thank you to all the UK team for the work they put in to supporting this audit. The general consensus is that we do things right at TMC, so while we can never be complacent, we can be very proud of these results and remain confident in the high quality of service that we provide our clients.”

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