UK facing radiology capacity crisis

The UK is currently facing a radiology capacity crisis and there is a chronic shortage of qualified radiologists with the right skills to deal with the rising capacity gap facing the NHS

The Royal College of Radiologists has recognised this and has just set out a clear challenge to our profession. The radiology capacity challenge across the UK and Europe is acute and is now hitting crisis levels. If the profession is going to match this high demand without compromising patient safety, it’s going to have to adapt fast and solve its training problems.  That’s why Telemedicine Clinic set up the TMC Academy last year. TMC Academy aims to provide easy access to true sub specialty expertise, leading to CME accreditation. Better skills and specialist expertise can not only help to improve patient outcomes and productivity but can contribute to reducing some of the current radiology capacity challenges affecting the NHS and other EU healthcare systems.

According to Szabolcs Hetenyi, Head of MSK Radiology at TMC: “When we launched TMC Academy last year, it was really well received, so we’re absolutely delighted to be able to build on its early success. We know the radiology industry in the UK needs qualified radiologists to help to close the radiology capacity gap and that’s exactly why we established TMC Academy. It offers the radiology profession easy access to internationally accredited course modules and in the future, we plan to develop a programme of web based sessions to make access to knowledge even easier”.

TMC’s Chief Executive, Alexander Böhmcker, added. “We’ve always known how busy radiologists are. Time is in short supply and our programme gives them access to some of the most highly regarded professional expertise and a fast track to subspecialty knowledge through interactive, lecture based courses. We hold these sessions in convenient European destinations at a competitive price point and we’d really like to expand and develop this programme as one way of helping to take the pressure off the UK radiology profession, especially in light of the recent concerns expressed by the Royal College of Radiologists”.

And Dr. Mark Awh, President of Radsource, one of the USA’s leading radiology clinical services providers, said: “As both a speaker and an attendee of the 3rd Barcelona Musculoskeletal MRI course last year, I was impressed with the diverse mix of lecturers from many countries. Not only was the course well organised but it provided numerous opportunities to interact with the faculty. This was a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience”.


Date Course Location
Nov 3-5, 2016 Emergency Radiology Course, Neurological Emergencies

16 CME credits

Barcelona, Spain
May 12-13, 2017 Basic MSK MRI Workshop of the Ankle and Elbow

Gothenburg, Sweden
Oct 12-14, 2017 The 5th Barcelona Musculoskeletal MRI Course

Barcelona, Spain
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