TMC’s carbon offset project “takes root” at Finca Dalmau

Business can no longer stand apart from society and increasingly, the best businesses recognise that we all have a role to play in influencing behaviour and behaving responsibly. For us all to thrive in a connected world, we need to be aware of the consequences of our actions and work to minimise our impact on our planet, our city and our local environment.

At TMC, we are no different.

We’re committed to ensuring that we set an example as a responsible business and that this is reflected in the way we operate, the people we work with, the organisations that we support such as the Conscious Capitalism movement ( and through specific projects where we believe our support can help to make a real difference.

Last year, we were proud to announce a partnership between TMC and the Departament d’Agricultura Ramaderia, Pesca I Alimentació of the Catalan Government. Specifically, we agreed to support them in their work to improve a forest at Finca Dalmau in the Parc Natural de Sant Llorenç del Munt in Catalunya (not far from our European head office in Barcelona).

So, why should a teleradiology company be interested in sustainable forestry?

Our business, like more and more businesses, understands the importance of public/private partnerships to work for the common good. By working together with the Generalitat and Social Forest, we are helping to improve the sustainability of “El Dalmau”, a local forest owned by the Generalitat of Catalonia and located in Sant Llorenç Savall (Vallès Occidental), within the spectacularly beautiful Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt and l’Obac.

Our work will help to reduce the risk of fire, thereby preventing the emission of about 80 tonnes of CO2/ha that would naturally enter the atmosphere if the area was caught up in one of the forest fires that regularly rage across our region and which cause such devastation. That is a good thing for the environment, for the local community and for our colleagues at TMC – something we are proud to support.

And the Generalitat’s Joan Vallhonrat Matalonga agrees: “We think this is a great example of the private sector working closely with government to develop activities which promote the conservation and improvement of our natural environment. This innovative project will see TMC working closely with the Department of Agriculture to deliver an improvement project for a local forest. While these sorts of partnerships are increasingly common across Europe, this is a progressive move in Catalunya where public/private partnerships of this kind are much less common”.

TMC’s Chief Executive Alexander Boehmcker says: “Increasingly, companies and their employees are looking for ways to contribute to their communities by working alongside government and charitable organisations.

“In our company, we have more than 200 radiologists working across a network of more than 120 hospitals in Europe. With our headquarters based in Barcelona and Sydney, many of our workers fly regularly on business trips and we’re very conscious of the impact that air travel has on our planet in terms of CO2 emissions. This carbon offset programme is something we can all get behind and it will help to mitigate our impact and offset almost 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions derived from our business travel this year.

This sustainable forest management project will not only help protect the forest from fire in the future, but will also allow our business, our workers and their families to take part in a hands-on project that will ultimately enable and benefit the conservation of this forest for the whole community to enjoy”.

Claudio Silvestrin, who managed the project for TMC added: “The actual forestry work itself is carried out through Social Forest (, a forestry services company which also works with young people at risk of social exclusion including long term unemployed, recovering drug addicts and former prisoners. Their work not only reduces the potential risk of forest fires and minimises the environmental impact, but it also helps young people with social integration by bringing them back into contact with nature.

“We’re delighted that our colleagues in Barcelona are right behind this project, so we recently organised our second Corporate Social Responsibility day in “El Dalmau” so that they (and their families) could see the great work that has been done so far and to share our exciting plans for the second phase of the project, which gets under way in June 2018.

“We encouraged them all to “get their hands dirty” by taking part in the work themselves. And it looks like it’s already catching people’s imagination, since everybody enjoyed the day and said how pleased they were that TMC was making this effort on behalf of them and their local environment”.


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