TMC trial leads to 27% increase in radiology reporting efficiency: full report available here

Earlier this month we reported on a trial of TMC’s Collaborative Diagnostic Network (CDxN) in Sweden which resulted in five hospitals in the Västra Götaland Region (VGR) improving radiology reporting efficiency by 27% after setting up an IT network to share magnetic resonance (MR) body cases across all the subspecialists.

Discrepancy levels fell by 42%, according to our just published case study of the initiative and the network helped VGR subspecialists who had not previously worked together to communicate and collaborate.

Five subspecialists from across the hospital group were selected to carry out all first readings and then the cases were handed over to TMC, for a second reading.

“VGR radiologists also received interactive, online case-based training to build up further crucial skills within MR body reporting,” says TMC’s Claudio Silvestrin, who wrote the report.

“Collaboration brought about by the network helped individual practitioners to improve their subspecialist skills in an area that until then had not yielded enough cases per hospital to allow experts to gain much experience. The VGR radiology community was comprised mostly of generalists who found themselves covering all subspecialty areas and radiologists with 300 or more reported MTI cases achieved the highest reporting efficiencies”, Claudio continued.

What is important about this experience is that it could be replicated anywhere – the hospitals were networked via Telemedicine Clinic’s Collaborative Diagnostics Networks (CDxN) platform, which is available to any hospital group that wants it.

CDxN was bundled with a standard Sectra IDS7 picture archiving and communication system and Nuance Speechmagic voice recognition software. In other words, all the elements needed to achieve a double-digit reporting efficiency improvement are there for the taking.

Click here to download a full copy of the report

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