TMC audit confirms: quality is job one

At TMC, quality is job one.

That’s why we took the decision in 2015 to start working with external auditors to independently assess the quality of our radiology reporting services. Since then, as part of our quality improvement cycle, we have arranged regular audits in each section providing us with regular and valuable feedback on how well we are delivering our service.

 It is vital that our customers have complete confidence in the level of service and accuracy of our reporting. After all, lives may depend on it. That’s why we asked a team of highly regarded and independent external auditors, all leading experts in their fields, to review our services and to let us know how well we are doing against our own high standards.

 We’ve been working with independent experts such as Dr. Donald Collie, of Expert Radiology Ltd., who has recently completed his annual TMC audit for Neuro (UK) which had particular focus on clinical accuracy and language.

Dr. Collie said: “Our report recognised TMC’s commitment to remaining “ahead of the curve” in developing tools to improve reporting quality. It also noted the adoption of standardized reporting templates as innovative and progressing on the path to increased electronic integration and artificial intelligence. The report also said that the two TMC templates assessed in the audit are “comprehensive” and will “help to reduce discrepancies from typographic errors, omissions and interobserver variability.”

“These templates are likely to be widely adopted across radiology and we suggested some enhancements to the format of the conclusion section, which would improve communication of radiological findings. The audit summary and details are shared with radiologists across TMC to make sure that all learnings are captured and to confirm that each section is delivering against its own high quality standards.

For businesses like TMC, trust is vital and quality analysis can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. This audit tested our rigorous approach and will continue to build confidence in our methodology. Delivering quality and consistency is TMC’s most important goal and we’re delighted this review has endorsed our approach, especially since it was conducted independently by some of the most important and respected names in our profession.

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