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TMC Academy’s Fellowship programme is designed for the individual radiologist embarking on a subspecialised path. The Fellow will work with a subspecialised radiologist with extensive experience in radiology reporting and teaching.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to learn through daily lectures, reporting from individual workstations and subsequent group discussion. The programme is flexible and adaptable to your needs. Choose from:


Live streaming webinars offer you access, every two weeks, to a different online conference delivered by a recognised expert. Interact directly with the lecturer, ask questions once the talk has concluded and access webinars on demand, whenever and wherever you want.

Upcoming sessions include Richard de Villiers on rotator cuff MRI (Aug 14-18), Andras Palko on kidney space-occupying lesions (Aug 30-18), Fausto Labruto on head injuries (Sep 13-18) and Astrid Schweitzer on temporomandibular joints (Sep 27-18).

Sign up now for the full-year 2018 schedule of 2018 and get all the sessions for €300.


TMC Academy offers on-site Continuing Medical Education-accredited radiology courses several times a year, with prominent speakers on subspecialised topics.

The courses are for basic and advanced level and give you the knowledge you need to get to the next level in radiology. Choose from:

Coming soon

TMC Academy is launching two completely new online training services later this fall built around an innovative web based platform allowing students to report on real anonymized cases directly in their browser while getting immediate feedback through structured reports. Check out Diagnostic Imaging e-Training and Online Mini-fellowships and learn what makes them unique.

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