Radiologists at TMC Collaborate with International Experts to Co-Author MRI Handbook Chapter

Dr. Stavroula Kyriazi and Dr. Indra Pieters, both working as full-time radiologists at TMC, have collaborated with Prof. Nandita de Souza from the Institute of Cancer Research, UK, to co-author the chapter “Benign and Malignant Conditions of the Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes” in the 2nd edition of a 3-volume Magnetic Resonance Imaging Handbook, edited by Prof. Luca Saba.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Handbook (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Handbook – 1st Edition – Luca Saba – Routl (, with its first edition published in 2016, stands as a comprehensive guide to MRI and is highly regarded in the field. Routledge is set to release the eagerly awaited second edition in 2024.

Reflecting on her experience at TMC, Dr. Stavroula Kyriazi states ”One of the most fulfilling aspects of working for TMC has been the vital collaboration with experienced colleagues in each and every field of radiology, with the additional advantage of diverse educational backgrounds and exposure to different local practices.”. The bond between Dr. Indra Pieters and Dr. Stavroula Kyriazi extends beyond professional ties, having frequently engaged in second-reading each other’s gynae cases over an extended period. Their proclivity for seeking each other’s opinions in challenging cases paved the way for this joint endeavor. Before embarking on the chapter, necessary permissions were secured from Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joakim Crafoord and Dr. Gareth Davies, Head of Body Section and UK Medical Director for the usage of TMC images. They also played a crucial role in obtaining a license for Endnote, a widely used reference management tool.

”Once it was decided we would collaborate our calendars filled with video calls, where we broke down tasks, organized timelines, and delved into intriguing discussions about content. Despite being many miles apart, the power of technology brought us closer as we worked towards our shared goal.” Indra Pieters says. At times it could be challenging as this remarkable collaboration is happening from corners of the globe, with Dr. Indra Pieters working in the Netherlands, Prof. Nandita de Souza based in the UK, and Dr. Stavroula Kyriazi dividing her time between Noosa, Australia, and Barcelona, Spain.

The combined expertise and dedication of these accomplished radiologists, along with their partnership with Prof. Nandita de Souza, promise to deliver a compelling chapter in the forthcoming MRI Handbook. This endeavor exemplifies the spirit of cooperation and pursuit of excellence that drives progress in the field of radiology. The TMC team eagerly awaits the release of the 2nd edition, excited to witness the fruits of their collaborative efforts, and looks forward to more impactful ventures in the future.