Strong MSK capacity leads to new opportunities for TMC

Telemedicine Clinic started an awareness campaign earlier this year – and the results are already starting to pay off. As one of the leading teleradiology providers in the UK, we are in a strong position, with great capacity to support MSK work across the NHS and we know that this capacity can make a real difference as Trusts struggle to manage their increasing workload and cope with the very real capacity gap that exists in the NHS today.

The awareness drive started in May this year and we took the message across the UK to make sure that the profession are fully aware of the options that we can provide and how we can help to relieve some of the pressure that we know they feel every day.

The national campaign included display ads (in respected industry publications such as RadMag) combined with local sales activities, promotional flyers and generally reaching out to our key contacts to remind them of how we can help.

Our main priority was to introduce potential clients to the advantages of our elective services and so far, the results have been encouraging.

According to Chris Piccaver, TMC’s UK sales manager: “We’ve tried similar approaches in the past and we’re pleased with the results so far. We’ve generated a lot of interest through this campaign and it has resulted in a number of face to face meetings, which we hope will pay off over the coming months. Once clients get to meet us face to face and they get a sense of how committed we are to providing the best possible service, they really start to understand the benefits of what we do.”

“While we’ve already been able to support a number of new clients with their elective requirements, we still have even more capacity available (especially in the area of MSK), so any Trusts out there who would like to find out more about how we can add real value to your local proposition, we’d love to talk to you”.

“The campaign will continue throughout the summer and we’re confident that as the word spreads, our early success will continue to provide more opportunities over the coming months.”

For more information, contact Chris Piccaver:


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