Reporting quality: don’t pick up that phone

People who phone radiologists asking for a request to be vetted could well be behaving inappropriately… and might even cause reporting discrepancies.

That is one of the findings from an Imperial College Healthcare National Health Service Trust study unveiled by Dr Christopher Watura at this year’s UK Radiological Conference in Manchester.

The study, to see what impact modern order communication systems were having on radiology processes across two UK hospitals, showed radiologists are regularly bombarded with distracting phone calls.

According to a report in, 92% of phone calls interrupted radiology reporting, which Watura said could bump up the chances of reporting discrepancies by 12%. The most common source of calls, at 48%, was people asking for a request to be vetted.

However, radiologists claimed almost 48% of these calls were inappropriate. Overall, 58% of calls were not deemed appropriate by the radiologists surveyed.

“The large number of calls asking for requests to be vetted and studies to be reported … suggests that the benefits of an electronic order system are not yet being realised and changes are needed,” concluded

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