Radiology speech recognition gets brainier

Speech recognition, which has long been seen as a valuable aid to radiology, is getting smarter. Recent months have seen increasing moves to couple speech recognition with artificial intelligence (AI) so machines don’t just hear what you are saying, but understand you, too.

Nuance, the speech recognition market leader whose Speechmagic software is bundled with platforms such as CDxN, has launched an AI-based system that it says can help automate many day-to-day radiology tasks.

And the clinical documentation services provider Saince has a product called Verbatim that is said to offer 99% speech recognition accuracy thanks to AI. The use of AI promises to further enhance a technology that has already been shown to offer major benefits to radiology.

In one study, voice recognition software was found to cut radiology report turnaround times from 28 to 12.7 hours, increasing the volume of verified reports by 5%.

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