The profession: world celebrates International Day of Radiology

From banners in the streets of Barcelona to celebrations in Kerala, radiologists gained recognition worldwide this month thanks to the International Day of Radiology.

With a focus on breast imaging, November 8 saw more than 140 medical societies around the globe “celebrating the thousands of lives saved by the many contributions of breast imagers and radiation oncologists,” HealthCareBusiness reported

Breast imaging saves many thousands of lives around the world. In the US, for example, breast cancer mortality has been reduced by almost 40% since 1990 through the use of screening mammograms alone.

Not all International Day coverage focused on the positive aspects of the profession, however.

The British Daily Mail, which has the most visited newspaper website in the world, picked up on the UK’s radiology capacity challenge and said it was ‘putting UK cancer diagnostic services at risk.’

The news report cited Royal College of Radiologists president Dr Nicola Strickland as saying: “It’s difficult to celebrate in the UK where we only have seven radiologists per 100,000 people.”

A Department of Health spokesman responded: “In the short term we would encourage the College, employers and others to seek innovative ways to ensure delivery of specialist breast screening services.”

o   What did you do for the International Day of Radiology? Was it a normal working day or did you get involved in any of the events organised around the world? We want to know .


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