Örebro University Hospital becomes third Swedish university hospital to use TMC on-call

When the radiology department at Örebro teaching hospital decided they needed to find a way to increase available day time capacity and improve working conditions for their junior radiologists, they didn’t have to look far.

TMC had already successfully established its night time on-call service at two smaller Swedish teaching hospitals, Linköping and Umeå, so when the team at Örebro Univeristy Hospital saw the success the service was having for those hospitals, they turned to TMC to find out how they could enjoy the same benefits.

According to Henrik Agrell, TMC’s founder and Chief Business Development Officer: “We’re thrilled that the team in Örebro has decided to go for this solution. It helps them to free up additional important capacity during daytime. It also gives their local radiologists a better work-life balance and a healthier lifestyle, so everybody wins. We hope this will prove to be an attractive proposition for them and that in addition to freeing up valuable radiology capacity, it could also help them to attract and retain new radiologists.”

And according to Project Lead Emma Olsson: “It was a relatively quick process for all sides. We had some onsite meetings with the key people from their radiology department and IT team during early spring and we were able to start the project just before the summer. It’s all going very well so far.”

Henrik continued: “This is a really interesting development for TMC and we hope it shows that it’s not only small or mid-size hospitals that can benefit from an on-call emergency radiology service provided by (in this case, Swedish radiologists based in Sydney) but that this model is also beneficial for larger university hospitals and institutions.”

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