This one doesn’t seem very healthy…

We recently reported on a Spanish radiology team working with cetaceans. The patients may have been non-human, but at least they were alive… which is more than can be said for the subjects presented by a Peruvian team at the European Congress of Radiology earlier this year.

The show paper ECR Today reported how the Peruvian Society of Radiology former president Prof Jorge Luis Guerrero Gil and his colleagues had carried out extensive archaeological investigations of mummies from the pre-Incan Paracas culture.

The research demonstrated how members of the culture practiced cranial trepanation, with some even surviving to tell the tale. Medical treatment in the country has clearly advanced a lot since then, even if radiology services are still patchy, according to Guerrero.

At least, he said: “Every radiology modality is available in Lima and in large cities, especially on the coast.”

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