Miles of smiles at Danish children’s hospital thanks to TMC’s new toy ambulance

Hospitals can be frightening places for children. Sometimes, separated from their loved ones, in an unfamiliar environment with strange smells and noises, it can be a worrying place to be if you’re little. So, when TMC had a chanced to put a smile on the faces of some vulnerable children at one of our client hospitals in Denmark, we didn’t think twice.

So now, partly as a result of a 5000 DKK donation from TMC, we’ve been able to help the kids have some fun by buying a big “sit on” ambulance and a selection of other small playthings to give youngsters at Regionshospital Nordjylland Hjørring in Denmark something to smile about.

“We were really pleased when the hospital called  on us for help and we didn’t think twice”, said Søren Jensen, who co-ordinated the project for TMC. “We already have a great relationship with this hospital, so it was an easy decision for us. It was well worth it just to see the looks on their faces as they played on their ambulance. Anything that makes their experience a little less frightening than it is already, must be a good thing. Sometimes, it’s just nice to be able to help.”

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