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Interactive Radiology Sessions go “bi-weekly” for radiology departments and individuals

We’re delighted at the continued success of TMC Academy’s highly regarded Interactive Radiology Sessions and are pleased to announce that these ”live” webinars are now being conducted bi-weekly with some of the profession’s most highly regarded sub-specialist radiologists leading the courses. We’ve been running these sessions for a couple of years now after holding individual sessions with Hudiksvall hospital in Sweden. This made us think about how we could make them available to a wider audience and we’ve been constantly listening to our participants and used their honest feedback to evolve and refine our approach.

So, while these sessions were predominantly designed for hospital departments to get collective training in an easy and time efficient manner, the sessions have been adapted so that individual radiologists can now enjoy the same experience from the comfort of their own homes.

This also reduces time away for the individual radiologists, who can join by simply registering for a full year (22 courses) at a time for only 300 euros. The courses now take place every other Thursday at 11:00 CET (there is a short set-up time, 50 minutes lecture and 10 minutes active case discussion) and to make it even easier, all sessions are recorded .

These bi-weekly sessions now offer a rotation of topics throughout the year, so there is something for everyone, whether you’re part of a fully-fledged radiology department (with an unlimited number of participants) or just a passionate professional with an appetite for learning.

Either way, the courses are packed with useful information and there are plenty of chances for participants to use the ”live” chat facility to ask lecturers direct questions during each session.

Plus, even if you’re busy, there’s no need to miss out – all sessions are recorded and can subsequently be streamed via our website.

The first session of 2018 is already under our belt and was well received. We’re looking forward to kicking the next one off already.

For more information please click here for the full annual programme or email the Academy team directly on academy@telemedicineclinic.com

Additionally, visit our website for more information.









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