Industry news: teleradiology by the numbers

If accuracy and efficiency are two of the most important requirements for a modern radiology service, new figures from Telemedicine Clinic shows teleradiology can offer them both in spades.

In 2017, the company was dealing with up to around 500 on-call scans a night, with up to 95% of readings being performed within an hour. The discrepancy rate was 4.4%, below Telemedicine Clinic’s 5% target and well under the 20% or so level seen in some studies.

Although the bulk of Telemedicine Clinic’s work was through on-call services provided via specialists in Sydney, Australia, 90% of elective cases were also completed within an hour.

Since Telemedicine Clinic pays its radiologists a fixed wage rather than on a per-scan basis, the high efficiency of the readings is thought to be down to highly efficient workflows and appropriately trained sub-specialists rather than radiologists chasing a premium for extra work.

Despite this, Telemedicine Clinic is still on the lookout for talented radiologists to fill vacancies arising from 17% growth in 2017.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities at Telemedicine Clinic, please check out our website on or click directly on the links below:

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