For he’s a jolly good Fellow – Swedes try new way of training

A group of hospitals from Sweden were the first participants in TMC’s newly enhanced Fellowship programme and were motivated by the prospect of trialling a new way of training, as debate continues over the best way to expand radiology capacity across the EU.

Across the hospitals of the Vastra Götalandsregionen, radiology trainees learned from TMC workstations via our Optemis technology platform and in the newly enhanced programme were given specific cases to read. Their readings were then checked by Szabolcs Hetenyi, TMC’s Head of Musculoskeletal who automatically refers any discrepancies back to the trainee for further review and discussion.

This remote work is then complemented with a one week residential course at TMC’s office in Barcelona, Spain, where the trainees work on anonymised cases as well as studying specific material tailored to each trainee’s needs.

Once they return to the hospital, second readings continue for a further 50 cases, after which each trainee gets a written report on their performance, allowing comprehensive training with minimum effort from the hospitals.

According to Szabolcs, “We’re delighted at the response we got to this course. We believe it’s one of the best ways of learning out there and while it was hard work and very intense, it’s great to hear such positive feedback from the participants. We think this is a very powerful model, which combines remote learning with real “hands on” experience and we’re already looking forward to delivering the next course.

TMC’s Chief Executive, Alexander Boehmcker added: “That’s why we started the TMC Academy last year and the Fellowship programme is typical of the innovative thinking that we apply every day to the radiology challenges facing Europe. Congratulations to all the team at TMC and especially to the participants, who were really able to get the full value out of this immersive experience – we’re looking forward to building on this approach with the next set of delegates”.

For more information on this and other TMC Academy courses visit for the full Autumn Programme

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