Get a head start on TMC Academy Courses for 2017

TMC has announced its TMC Academy schedule for 2017 and next year, it’s better than ever.

It’s never too early to start planning, especially as we enter a new year, so don’t wait any longer.

Here is a list of our courses for next year – sign up now and get a head start on 2017:

  • 12-13 May – Basic MSK MRI Workshop of the Ankle and Elbow, Gothenburg
  • 9-10 June – 2nd Emergency Radiology Course – Neuroradiological emergencies, Barcelona
  • 11 October – Musculoskeletal US workshop (in conjunction with MRI course)
  • 12-14 October – 5th Barcelona Musculoskeletal MRI Course, Barcelona
  • 15-17  November – TMC MRI Abdominal and Pelvic Course, Barcelona

For more information, check out our TMC Academy website on or email Mette on


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