Clinical practice: radiology faces a whale of a task in Valencia

A team in Valencia, Spain, has pushed radiology’s boundaries by using it to help with the artificial insemination of cetaceans, AuntMinnie reported in December.

The team has so far used radiology to help inseminate two dolphins and a beluga, according to Dr. Raúl García, a radiologist in the Biomedical Imaging Research Group at the La Fe Polytechnic and University Hospital and La Fe Health Research Institute.

“Interventional radiology is well established in clinical practice of human medicine, but to date it has had very limited application in marine animals in an aquarium setting,” noted the team in AuntMinnie.

“The development of new techniques, however, could increase the rate of reproductive success in cetaceans, particularly in endangered species for which conservation is a priority. Interventional radiology techniques could have a vital role to play in bolstering them.”

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Image courtesy of AuntMinnie

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