Building on a great first year: the future is bright at Unilabs TMC

It’s now been almost a year since Unilabs TMC got together to build the first truly integrated diagnostic company, combining radiology, pathology and (in future) genomic solutions – and what a year it’s been.

As we come together as a business, we know we face new challenges and great opportunities. Our core business (and the health care market in general) are in a continuous state of evolution. We’ve been working hard this year to integrate our businesses and develop new ways of working that combine the best of both cultures and we’re already starting to see  the practical benefits of this in our everyday work.

But evolution is not unique to us. The health care market in general is also evolving as it deals with constant pressure on costs and a shift towards value based health care solutions. At the same time, highly qualified medical specialists are a scarce resource and we know that AI solutions are bound to have a strong impact on the future landscape of medical service provision.

At Unilabs TMC, our core purpose remains clear: to provide quality healthcare to all people. But we also want to make sure that we continue to be an attractive employer for highly qualified and scarce medical specialists, so that we can continue to deliver our mission while setting the standards for the highest quality medical service.

But now, it’s time to look to the future. The year ahead is full of exciting opportunities and great potential and we’ll be focusing our efforts on some interesting new areas. One of these is the new SLL radiology and pathology tender in Sweden, which will enable us to shape the way diagnostic services will be delivered to some 250,000 new radiology outpatients and 40,000 pathology patients in the Stockholm region.

We also want to contribute by moving the service from a generalist to a sub-specialist radiology and pathology reporting setting and we’re looking forward to recruiting a top team of radiologists to deliver these services and support them in their journey to become subspecialists.

We will continue to focus our efforts on profitable growth through our on call and elective teleradiology and pathology reporting services both in Scandinavia and the UK.

We will also be rolling out our Optemis platform across the Unilabs Group to ensure a systematic approach to reporting for both radiology and pathology. Our systems contribution will enable seamless communication between radiologists and pathologists in Optemis as a first step and other diagnostic specialities like Genetics will follow.

We continue to believe in education and we see huge potential through the Unilabs TMC Academy to add real value to our proposition, to support our belief in the importance of knowledge sharing and teaching to pursue our purpose and to enable the journey from general to sub-specialist diagnosticians. By offering online training solutions, we want to broaden the scope of our training offerings and reach more people. We’ll develop training offerings for more diagnostic areas like pathology and genetics. We want to play a key role in medical professional education and development in (and outside) of Unilabs Group.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so we’re keeping a close eye on emerging areas of specialist expertise including Artificial Intelligence (AI). We’ll be early adopters of AI solutions and we’ll thoroughly screen the market for and test late stage solutions for their usability before implementing them in our diagnostic reporting environment. Unilabs TMC will continue to be the AI centre of excellence in radiology and pathology reporting within Unilabs Group.

And finally, we’ll continue to carefully explore international options for our core business with particular focus on our On Call service, both in countries where Unilabs is currently active (as internal service provider of reporting or technology solutions) and in other markets as a potential direct reporting solution provider.

So, as you can see, it’s been a busy year as we integrate our businesses and start to seek the synergies and benefits that this will deliver. It’s been a great start already, but the best is yet to come and, as we continue to build the Unilabs TMC proposition, we’ll be focusing on standing out from the crowd by building on our reputation for higher quality and better service. All evidence shows that higher quality diagnostic solutions can decrease the total cost of healthcare as part of a value based healthcare system. We hope that our experience, efficiency and single-minded approach to quality will make us the provider of choice in our field and establish ourselves as the employer of choice in a market with scarce human resources.

Alexander Boehmcker, Chief Executive, TMC



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