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Meet the kite-surfing TMC radiologist who’s “living the dream” on the Sunshine Coast

TMC’s flexible approach down under, now means radiologists have the option of swapping the big city for something more peaceful and quiet in some of Australia’s more remote, but stunningly beautiful areas. Technology is breaking down barriers and giving TMC radiologists better opportunities and more flexibility than ever before.  Meet Dr. Rickard Bohnmark, TMC radiologist, […]

TMC audit confirms: quality is job one

At TMC, quality is job one. That’s why we took the decision in 2015 to start working with external auditors to independently assess the quality of our radiology reporting services. Since then, as part of our quality improvement cycle, we have arranged regular audits in each section providing us with regular and valuable feedback on […]

TMC and Unilabs: building an exciting future together

As we recently announced, TMC has a new owner. Unilabs Pathologie SA, Geneva, Switzerland, purchased all TMC’s shares at the end of last year, giving us an even bigger opportunity to continue delivering against TMC’s core purpose: to bring quality healthcare to all people. We can now do this on an even larger scale and […]

Personal development: 150 books to make you a better person

It is fair to say that one of the defining characteristics of many radiologists is the desire for self-improvement. Radiology is a profession that demands constant learning and development to deliver the best possible results. What of personal development outside the medical or scientific sphere, though? If you are interested in books that can help […]

Interactive Radiology Sessions go “bi-weekly” for radiology departments and individuals

We’re delighted at the continued success of TMC Academy’s highly regarded Interactive Radiology Sessions and are pleased to announce that these ”live” webinars are now being conducted bi-weekly with some of the profession’s most highly regarded sub-specialist radiologists leading the courses. We’ve been running these sessions for a couple of years now after holding individual […]

TMC trial leads to 27% increase in radiology reporting efficiency: full report available here

Earlier this month we reported on a trial of TMC’s Collaborative Diagnostic Network (CDxN) in Sweden which resulted in five hospitals in the Västra Götaland Region (VGR) improving radiology reporting efficiency by 27% after setting up an IT network to share magnetic resonance (MR) body cases across all the subspecialists. Discrepancy levels fell by 42%, […]

Clinical practice: should you get a foreigner to say it for you?

Being able to break things gently to a patient is one of the hallmarks of a good doctor. However, there are times in clinical practice when you need to quit beating about the bush. When that happens, recent research suggests you may be better off speaking in a language other than your mother tongue. Psychologists […]

Radiology lives: could untranslatable words affect how we think?

Eskimos are (controversially) said to have hundreds of words for snow. Now, a University of East London psychology lecturer has speculated that maybe there could be value in looking more closely at these kinds of foreign words that cannot be translated. Tim Lomas has established the Positive Lexicography Project to catalogue words that do not […]

Reporting quality: don’t pick up that phone

People who phone radiologists asking for a request to be vetted could well be behaving inappropriately… and might even cause reporting discrepancies. That is one of the findings from an Imperial College Healthcare National Health Service Trust study unveiled by Dr Christopher Watura at this year’s UK Radiological Conference in Manchester. The study, to see […]