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Stanford Centre points to the future of integrated diagnostics

How far should the integration of medical disciplines go? While there is a growing view that radiology would benefit from closer ties to pathology and even genomics, a new unit at the Stanford School of Medicine, in the US, is taking things much further. The Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics Center at Stanford, which opened […]

Census highlights UK dependency on European experts

With less than six months to go before the UK is set to leave the European Union, the latest Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) census, published in September, illustrates the extent to which British hospitals are reliant on European radiology talent. The report shows that in 2017 about one in 10 UK radiologists came from […]

Radiology lives: cheesy fMRI study bags an Ig Nobel

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is rightly celebrated as being an important tool in medical diagnostics. In September, though, the technology also gained the dubious honour of gaining an Ig Nobel prize, a parody of the Nobel Prize which is awarded every autumn to celebrate unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research. Specifically, the scientific […]

AI: still early days

Frenzied reporting of the potential impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) would lead any radiologist to fear a robot revolution is just around the corner. However, the reality is much more mundane, according to Claudio Silvestrin, head of the AI Centre of Excellence at Unilabs. While AI undoubtedly has the potential to help transform radiology in […]

“Common sense is a superpower”

“Common sense is a superpower.” This throwaway remark, by an Australian academic general practitioner during a seminar at the Preventing Overdiagnosis conference in Copenhagen in August this year, really got me thinking. I’m sure he says it often at such meetings, and most listeners ignore it, but for me it was a light-bulb moment. To […]

UKAS audit confirms: quality remains job one at TMC

Last year, we reported on the great news that TMC had been accredited by the UK’s accreditation body (UKAS) for the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS). These audits set the professional standard and are conducted and reviewed annually. Earlier this year, we hosted the ISAS 2018 audit on-site in our UK office where our quality […]

TMC Academy announces Autumn schedule: sign up now

Fellowships TMC Academy’s Fellowship programme is designed for the individual radiologist embarking on a subspecialised path. The Fellow will work with a subspecialised radiologist with extensive experience in radiology reporting and teaching. The purpose of the Fellowship is to learn through daily lectures, reporting from individual workstations and subsequent group discussion. The programme is flexible […]

AI and the UK’s breast screening fiasco

Another setback to the UK’s beleaguered National Health Service could point to how artificial intelligence (AI) could help with radiology workloads in future. The setback, widely reported on in the British press, involved an error in which around 450,000 women failed to get a breast cancer screening reminder. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said up to […]

Clinical practice: it’s true that many scans aren’t needed

Research has confirmed what most radiologists already know from intuition: many scans that are ordered simply aren’t needed. That is the finding from research shown at the European Congress of Radiology this year. The study, by a team led by Dr Rusha Sarhan of the Department of Radiology & Medical Imaging at King Fahad Armed […]