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Work habits: the best time to schedule a meeting

Frustrated from never getting the chance for a meeting with your department head? Maybe you’re simply scheduling it at the wrong time, according to a survey published in the online newspaper Quartz. Monday mornings are popular times for a meeting, which means two thirds of invites around that time will be declined. You might be […]

TMC goes to the Faroe Islands

In 800 AD a small group of intrepid Norsemen took a chance and sailed to an archipelago in the Nordic Sea. A desolate, inhospitable and remote place, 700km away from the nearest land mass. Last month, the Faroe Islands had a second, even smaller invasion as TMC’s Soren Jensen, account manager for Scandinavia, paid the […]

Conscious Capitalism and the higher purpose

We’re living through one of the most rapidly changing periods in history and capitalism has driven the pace of change for many years. While we all know the advancements and benefits that it has brought, it is an imperfect system and, like everything else in life, it needs to have a higher purpose…. That’s why […]

Greetings from Sydney

Some of TMC’s Sydney colleagues have become the stars of a series of short videos promoting how TMC radiologists live and work in Sydney, managing our important mission: to provide the highest quality out of hours support to hospitals across Scandinavia and the UK. The video project, built around the theme ‘Choose a career you […]

Brexit – what does it mean for EU radiology?

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) sent shock waves through many sectors of the British community. For radiology, the pain is particularly acute… The UK medical community has long welcomed an influx of foreign radiology talent because we appear to have the worst capacity shortfall of any country in Europe, with just […]