Alarm bells ring louder over UK radiology capacity crisis

The UK media has published increasingly worrying details of the country’s radiology capacity crisis as the nation continues on its uncertain path towards Brexit.

Research released on the International Day of Radiology revealed certain shortages of imaging equipment and qualified radiologists had left an estimated 56,000 angina patients without access to potentially life threatening computer tomography (CT) scans in 2017.

The figures, from the Royal College of Radiologist and the British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging, showed at least 132,080 CT coronary angiography scans should have been performed in 2017 but in reality, just 75,791 tests were administered.

Meanwhile, the BBC claimed a study by Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales, had found Welsh radiology services were “unsustainable despite being well managed and meeting waiting times.”

Wales is supposedly the only nation within the UK where imaging waiting times have improved, according to the British Government. Even so, there is a risk that progress could be undone because of ageing equipment and struggles to recruit and keep radiology staff, the BBC said.

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